CaSoBe, Landco’s Newest BeachTown in Batangas: A Paradise Where You Can Work and Live Amidst Nature’s Beauty


Entrepreneurs can now work in the seaside paradise of Kasobe in Batanga province
Flexibility to work anywhere has become a norm for entrepreneurs, especially during the pandemic. The allure of working remotely in a seaside paradise was made possible by Landau’s completion of CaSoBe (Karataganam Beach), one of Batangas’ newest beach towns.

Covering more than 15 hectares, CaSoBe offers residential and commercial land in an emerging commercial centre and tourist destination. The development is planned with extensive open space, beautiful promenades, parks and retail views. CaSoBe stands out for its seductive details, such as blue roads, street art and creative lamp posts, thus elevating the lifestyle of the resort.

The hotel facilities managed by Millennium Resort are fully operational, including the recently opened Canopy, a 300-person event space. CaSoBe is just a three-hour drive from the Manila Metro station and has modern infrastructure, strong wireless Internet connectivity and resort facilities.

Karatagan is also known as a playground for the rich because of its golf course, polo grounds and tourist attractions. Local facilities such as hospitals, public markets, pharmacies, schools and churches are easily accessible from CaSoBe.



Entrepreneurs can enjoy a healthy work-life balance, and all of CaSoBe’s plots are located within steps of long stretches of pink and white sand. The hotel’s blue walkway blends in with the environment’s blue sky and clear water. With tree-lined bike paths and paths to the coast, it’s an ideal spot for entrepreneurs to build their dream homes while enjoying Karatagan’s rich history and famous sunsets against a beach backdrop.

Harbour Estates is a mixed-use site that entrepreneurs can invest in to set up their bed and breakfast, cafe, restaurant, art studio, yoga retreat or water sports business to cater to the tourist market. CaSoBe is also poised to become a thriving creative, business and technology community where startups can participate in a collaborative and forward thinking environment.

The CaSoBe resort living experience is enhanced by Millennial Resorts’ premium hotel amenities. Unique accommodations include Cocoon houses with murals depicting sea creatures on the exterior, and Crusoe Cabins, a converted container van with rustic style cabins on the outside and modern guest rooms in modern facilities on the inside. Aquaria, a water park with three-level pool slides, Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar, and the newly opened Canopy event space, offers the perfect place for entrepreneurs to relax and unwind.

To ensure continued productivity, the Colony will soon become a modern, stylish waterfront collaborative space. MILLI is Millennium Resorts’ digital service app offering seamless booking and property transactions.

CaSoBe is a sustainable development that helps to improve the quality of leisure tourism and real estate development with the goal of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The development has been LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and its hotel facilities operator, Millennium Resort, is the first resort in the country to achieve EDGE (Excellence in Design, Increased efficiency) certification. A variety of CSR and sustainability activities have been undertaken to protect CaSoBe and its nearby Marine reserves and community assistance.

Landco, a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, has been known for pioneering premium landscapes for more than 30 years. With CaSoBe, entrepreneurs can now work in a seaside paradise and enjoy the perfect work-life balance.

live in philippine

live in philippine

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